Alain Bujak begins black & white silver printing at the Caméra Obscura Gallery and the Demi-Teinte Atelier, where renowned photographers (Willy Ronis, Sabine Weiss, Lucien Hervé, Paolo Roversi, Matthew Brooks,…) trust him with the production of their exhibition and collection prints. A photographer himself, he balances his activity between book publishing, personal and commercial work. Experimenting with different forms of narration, he also adapts his reportages into the form of graphic novels, published by Futuropolis.


Still Life

The Promise of the Forgotten

This work begins as part of a creative residence at the EHPAD of Lanmeur in Finistère (Brittany). The author questions “Old Age” and its place in our society. He photographs the residents of the EHPAD, speaks to them and he documents the exchange in writing. The diptychs connect these men and women with their surroundings. Alain Bujak completes and further enhances his work by expanding the testimonials to people outside hospital; old age is a subject that concerns all of us, old and young, ill or in good health. The ensemble of testimonies oscillate between projection, fantasy and reality, providing us a sensitive inquiry of our perception of old age in 2017.

“Is it at the moment when one must die that one learns how one should have lived?” asks Rousseau towards the end of his life.