Andrea Gjestvang (b. 1981) is a Norwegian photographer currently based between Oslo and Berlin. For the past years, she has been focusing on the northern parts of the world, where she explores the intimate life and persistence of people living in remote and inaccessible environments. Her work has a strong political view on the social and anthropological issues related to globalization, refugees, identity and cultural uniqueness.
Her work has been exhibited worldwide in galleries and during photo festivals.
Over the years, Andrea has been awarded several prizes, including Picture of the Year Norway 2012, and the prestigious L’Iris d’Or /Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year 2013. Her work has been supported by grants provided by the Norwegian Freedom of Speech Foundation. In 2012 She launched her first book (En dag i historien), published by Pax.


RETURN, 2015.
They lived as ordinary Norwegian youth for years, until the police showed up and sent them back to their home country. While the application for asylum is processed and rejections are appealed, the children of asylum seekers went to school, learned Norwegian, made friends… They become part of a local communities but saw their dreams cut short.


DISAPPEARING ICE AGE, Greenland, 2009.
Over the last century adventurers have travelled to Greenland to explore this unknown land. The pictures they brought back depict heroes battling against nature and pristine wilderness. However, today many of us know little about life on the world’s largest island….


A series which explores life as a teenager in the northern parts of Norway.


ONE DAY IN HISTORY, Norway, 2012.
In Norway, the 22nd of July 2011 has etched itself into the collective and private memory forever. That day, a car bomb killed eight people and a few hours later, 69 young people were killed at a summer camp on the island of Utøya. This series is a testimony to the victims and a tribute to those who survived.

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