Andrea (b.1976) and Magda (b.1986) are a duo of photographers respectively from Italy and France. They lived and worked in the Middle East from 2008 to 2015, and are now based in France. Their work focuses on the effects of globalization on society, economy and territory in the Middle East. Their first project, “Palestinian Dream” pictures the transformations of Palestine modeled by an ideal of modernity, and the illusions of an economical development under occupation. In “ Sinai Park ” , they explore the consequences of mass tourism on the territory of Sinai, Egypt. These two works are intended to be the part of a larger project on the Middle East and the effects of globalization. They work have been featured in numerous magazines worldwide (Newsweek Japan, Courrier International, Sunday Times Spectrum magazine, Vrij Internazionale, Mare…)



Arab TV ‘s prodigious output of soap operas (telenovela in Spanish) are widely distributed and followed throughout the Arab speaking world: the “Musalsalalat” and their stars are seen on the screens in all Arab countries, broadcasted via satellite, and they outshine the old pan-arabic dream, by creating a common culture through television. Like everywhere else in the world, tv series spread ideals and dreams, influence the taste and the behavior of each generation.






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