Anne de Gelas, born in 1966 in Brussels, studied photography at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts de l’image « Le 75 », in Brussels. She now lives and works in this city. Her works have been exhibited regularly since 1994 within personal exhibitions.

The publisher « Le Caillou Bleu » released her work « L’Amoureuse » as a book in 2013.

Her most recent series, « Mère et fils » (Mother and son) was self-published in June 2015, and shown in galleries and festivals in France and in Belgium.



“Anne de Gelas has a new book out. It is called ‘Mère et fils’ (Mother and Son) and it’s about how de Gelas relationship with her son has changed, how her son has changed, the intensity that has become upon him since he became a teenager, since the death of his father.
It is also about de Gelas herself, and the return to femininity and a desire that disappeared with the death of her partner.
So it’s a collaborative project, one of shifting identities, one that deals with the most difficult challenges that life can throw at us in a thoughtful and very moving way. Again, it helps if you speak French, but the depth of the work comes through no matter what the language. This is work that confronts life.”

Colin Pantell’s blog, April 2016.



“L’Amoureuse, by Anne de Gelas and published by Le Caillou Bleu, is a book about loss. It’s moving and heartfelt but also has a determination and hardness about it ; the determination to confront unexpected and tragic loss, to be angry about it, to hate it, to accept it, to build it into one’s life story and be able to move on to a place where the pain and anger is tinged with affection and love.”

Colin Pantell’s blog, November 2013 “A book that made me cry”.

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