Argentina, 1975. Majored in Economical Sciencies, Cordoba University (1999). Documentary photographer, worked as a freelance in Palestine (2005). He is a founding member of the Activestills collective, and creator of ActiveVision, an organization dedicated to participatory photography and video. He was a receiver of the Scholarship of the Univesitat Autonoma of Barcelona, and completed a Master in Photojournalism there (2007).
He is a founding member of RUIDO Photo and creator and director of the school of photography RUIDO Formación where he was also a documentary photography teacher.
In 2009 he completed the project “En El Camino” about the journey of Central American migrants through Mexico (Book by Blume, 2010, winner of the PoYi Latin for the Best Photobook of the year).
His project “All the Ices the Ice” (2013) is a study of the glacier melting and its consequences in the Nepalese Himalayas, done in collaboration with the ETH of Zurich.
“Gaza Mode d’Emploi” (2014), still on-going, is an unplanned tour through the common places of an uncommon place.
He has been based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, since September 2015.



“Gaza Mode d’Emploi” , 2014, still an on-going project, is an unplanned tour through the common places of an uncommon place.



“Neutral Fire”, 2011, Switzerland.
Switzerland is a paradox: the most peaceful and neutral country in the World is at the same time one of the most armed, with a weapon almost in every home…



In Cordoba, Argentina, there is a cultural phenomenon that has been built around a simple, sticky and marginal type of music: Cuarteto. And La Mona Jimenez, a 65 year old ex criminal, is its emblem with over 85 albums and 40 years on the stage…



Gaza, 2014. A journey through Gaza and a statement of what remains in Gaza after the intense bombing by Israel…

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