Born 1943, Manchester, United Kingdom. Peter Mitchell lives and works in Leeds, United Kingdom. Originally a civil servant in the Ministry of Housing & Local Government, Mitchell left for Hornsey College of Art in London and set up as a fine art silkscreen print-maker with a studio in the northern city of Leeds. “European Architectural Heritage Year 1975” was his first solo photo exhibition in the Education Gallery, Leeds City Art Gallery of that year, and his first solo exhibition in a photography gallery was at Impressions Gallery of Photography, York (the second photo gallery in the UK) in 1979. He has published three books and is still working on “The Annals of a Life-Threatening Postcode” trilogy concerning the relationship of his flat of 34 years to Time & The City Both. Basically his work is about Leeds and himself.



In the mid-seventies, the stationary Viking Landers were the first to land on planet Mars. Though the alien landscape was magnificent, there were no canals or skeletons or wind-blown ruined dwellings or sand-filled swimming pools. Today, not a single trace remains of Viking Landers 3 and 4. But myth (and conspiracy theories) have it that an alien survey was commissioned of planet Earth (possibly triggered by reverberations from the fate of Viking Lander 4), remnants of which have been captured and published from time to time. Oddly, the photographs show no great wonders of civilisations. However, a certain monotonous, low-level aesthetic pervades the images with a degree of continuity, suggesting that these things are common. In the Earthly vernacular these photographs ‘are of Nowheresville. Yet, for some people, they are the centre of the universe’. Usually they call it Home.

The exhibition was originally presented at the Impressions Gallery of Photography, York, in November 1979, and curated by Val Williams. It was exhibite din 2016 during the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles.